Wireless WAN

Realize the potential of wireless WAN infused with the power of Meraki simplicity

Make Cellular a Reality

Cisco Meraki MG Cellular Gateways seamlessly transpose a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet for primary or failover connectivity.

MG is built on the industry’s most trusted cloud infrastructure backed by over 10 years of experience supporting nearly half a million customers globally, including numerous deployments in excess of 20,000 locations.

Zero Touch Provisioning


Scales to Thousands
of Locations

Optimized for Cellular

Meticulously designed to optimize cellular signal strength, the MG Cellular Gateway can be readily positioned away from the often weak cellular conditions of the network closet to near a window or even outdoors.

  • Multi-surface mounting bracket
    Enables installation to a wall, ceiling, pole, or tabletop
  • Suitable for outdoor use and harsh environments
    IP67 rated: tested for dust and moisture
  • External antennas
    MG models are available that support high-gain, directional antennas

    Built to Fit In

    The MG Cellular Gateway effortlessly slots into your existing infrastructure, regardless of what it may be. Pair the MG with any router downstream to deliver primary or failover cellular support.

    Ready for a Unified Experience

    Meraki Cellular Gateways are managed from an elegant and intuitive centralized interface that extends to the entire Meraki IT portfolio. Whether you’re starting your Meraki journey with MG or continuing it with adding to your existing Meraki deployment, you’re investing in a proven platform that’s ready to offer you unprecedented visibility and management.

    In just a few clicks, navigate through your organization’s cellular gateways, SD-WAN, security, wireless, switching, endpoint management, and smart security cameras.